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Hey there!

So I said over Twitter that I would be posting two reviews yesterday, because I couldn’t do one last Friday, and because I was late with the one for the Friday before.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I could go on and on with my excuses (and I will in just a few moments), but I know that when it comes to being punctual with these things, I don’t really much have anyone or anything to blame but myself. Honestly, I’ve had a pretty long history of being bad with time management, so this is just another example to put there (specifically, example 15,499).

So, I will be posting one of the two reviews tonight, probably within a few minutes of this post being put up, and then I’ll be trying really hard to make sure I have reviews for every Friday afterwards. I will try to get the second of the two reviews up next Tuesday (as the review for this Friday will be something different), but, well, we’ll see what happens with that.

Anyway, so some of the reasons why it didn’t happen:

  1. I started a new job in real life. I actually started it about half a month ago, but the end of June marked the end of training… so the training wheels came off and my employer let go of me (figuratively) to see if I’d be able to balance on my own. Not unlike my actual experiences trying to learn how to ride a bike, it didn’t go too well. It’s not a difficult job, but it has a lot of tasks, and altogether, it’s adds up to being a pretty time-consuming thing. And time, as we know, is not something I have the best grasp of. So that’s been difficult to deal with, and schedule around.
  2. I planned to spend the Independence Day weekend (the United States’s Independence Day, that is) finishing the show that I was doing yesterday’s second review on. However, I had less time than I expected/planned to be able to accomplish that. So that didn’t really get done. (It also bled over into the volunteer work I’m doing for the Skip Beat release here in the United States… luckily, things still seem to be okay on that front.)
  3. Honestly, I’m just a bit out of the swing of things, when it comes to writing reviews. Both of the two reviews for yesterday, and the Space Patrol Luluco one before it, were for shows that only very-recently finished airing. All of my other reviews posted so far (excepting the Tatami Galaxy one, which was finished only hours before posting), are all over two months old. This means, up until I wrote that Tatami Galaxy review, I haven’t been writing anything for two months. Like most other skills, writing is something that needs constant practice, and by taking those two months off from it, I’ve become a bit rusty. I think I still write quality work today, but it’s just not coming as quickly as it used to. I used to be able to finish a single review in a night, if even, but Space Patrol Luluco took about 8-ish hours altogether to write. Hopefully as I keep going with this, I can start to get quicker with it again, but it’s been yet another wrench in this whole process.

To be honest, though, this review site is catering to an audience of maybe about 7 readers right now (and even that may be an optimistic number). Frankly, I’m not too concerned about being too late with these reviews, because almost no one in the entire world would even know. Not to, of course, belittle the people who I see pop up on a lot of my reviews – I appreciate you a lot – but it’s an obvious statement to make when I say I’m still in the little-leagues here.

Hopefully, though, if I continue to be more consistent, and maybe even get some of my other ideas out of my head and into existence on this website, we’ll start to see things go somewhere.

Finally, one last thing: I originally made this site and the related social media accounts to do the whole “person-who-hides-own-identity” thing; so far, there’s very little on this site to trace what’s being posted here to an actual person. It’s something we see people like HowToBasic or Ask A Korean do, and I thought it’d be cool to do something similar. However, the more and more I think about it, the less and less I’m liking the idea. So, at some point relatively soon, I plan to actually reveal who I am, and connect this site back to my own identity. I’ll still continue with the AnimeBird Twitter and other accounts I have, but I’m not gonna be making “AnimeBird” be some anonymous person anymore. It’s not that fun.

Anyway, if you read this far, thanks for letting me get all this off my chest. I expect this site to basically be just about anime and nothing else, so I don’t want to continue posting personal things here, but I felt this is stuff that was worth mentioning, given what’s been going on.

Until next time!

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