Another Mini-Update!

Hey there!

I don’t necessarily want to make it a trend that I post as many non-review updates as I do reviews, but hey, I guess that’s how it’s going right now.

So the big bit to tell you right now is that I will be taking a break until April. I’ve had to adjust to some changes in my life right now, and I haven’t had the time to put together my upcoming reviews.

In the last update post, I outlined that Madoka Magica, Takagi-san, and 5 Centimeters Per Second would be my next shows to review, and that is definitely still the plan (although mayhaps not in that order). Another issue is that I’m not sure what shows I want to review after those three – meaning I don’t have any content planned after that – so I’m also hoping that by the time April comes around, I’ll have that figured out too.

Meanwhile, though, if you are interested in seeing some thoughts on Madoka Magica, some people I know from Empty Movement/ are putting together a podcast called Madoka Magicast, where they’ll be sharing their experiences watching through the show for the first time. They’re livestreaming their first watchthrough, actually, and I’ll be sitting in the audience for it – I’m using this as a chance to revisit the show for my review. How the heck they avoided spoilers for this show after this long, I’m not sure, but I’m not going to ruin this experience for them (and if you come by the livestreams, you shouldn’t either!)

Anyway, unless I see you on Twitch or Twitter, we’ll meet again in April!

– Jayke

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