Short Delay until mid-May

That uh… kind of rhymes?

Anyway, well, the title tells you pretty much what you need to know. So I guess you’re here for the why?

The reason is… I have major stuff on my plate these next few weeks. This weekend into next week, I’m working on my computer program as I sprint to my next release; and then after that, until the week afterwards, I have some important work duties that will require my time.

So expect my next review to come out on May 17th. I’m hoping it’ll be my Madoka Magica review, but honestly, I’m not sure lol! I have half of it written, but it’s going back to rewatch parts so I can write the other half that’s currently the problem. It’s likely that I’ll be swept up in another show though (*cough* Little Witch Academia *cough*) that may take my time instead. So uh… no guarantees.

Anyway, that’s essentially that. Thank you for supporting me, even if it’s nothing more than just liking my posts or reading my stuff. I say this every single update post, but this website is nothing more than a hobby, so it’s nice that this hobby is getting through (at least to some degree) to people. None of my recent reviews have hit the heights of my Beyond the Boundary review, but that’s probably because that review was shared around by Crow lol. And that’s okay, I’m not here to be famous or make money.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. See you again soon!


P.S. Avengers Endgame is great. Go watch it.

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