Taking a Break ’til August!

Hey there!

No doubt, you’ve probably seen I haven’t posted much in the past month… like, at all.

I apologize for the complete silence on my end; I originally was planning to finish my Little Witch Academia review and then begin posting reviews for the shows in this season that’s just finishing up. But, well… that didn’t happen.

Okay, I’ll be honest. I haven’t exactly watched anything anime-related for a little while now. Hard to review anime when I’m not watching anime. Part of it, truthfully, is that jumped back into Splatoon 2 and that’s soaked up a lot of my limited free time; part of it is other projects and other personal things taking up a lot of my time as well; lastly, another part is just changes going on at my work right now that I’m needing to navigate. I haven’t had as much time to just sit down and watch stuff, and even when I do, I usually end up playing video games or watching YouTube instead.

So anyway, needless to say, I don’t exactly have much prepared to post here, for at least a little while.

As a result, I plan on taking a break from posting anything here until mid-August at the earliest. I’ll be able to wrap up some of my other projects and personal things, it allows me to adjust to some changes I’ve been making in my life, and it also gives me time to try to finish more shows and write out reviews.

Don’t expect a “My Look at the Summer 2019 Season” post, either. To be frank, I don’t have the slightest clue what is even coming out next season. When I do return, though, I’m looking to post reviews of Little Witch Academia and Sarazanmai, among other shows. Time will tell which review will get done first, though!

Either way, I look forward to seeing you in mid-August!