I’ve been absent again!


Long time hearing from me, huh?

My apologies; when I disappeared for that short while due to the website restructure and all the busy stuff I was dealing with at that time, I was only expecting that to only last a few weeks or something.

Obviously, that went on for longer than a few weeks.

I’ve continued to have things that I needed to focus my time on. I’ve honestly not had much time for personal hobbies and other things. (And honestly, all the free time I have had, I’ve spent playing my new Nintendo Switch… I really do have my priorities in order, huh?)

Part of that includes writing new reviews. My Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon-Maid review is maybe a bit over half-done (I think… I honestly haven’t even taken a look at it in a while), and I’ve only made minimal progress with writing reviews for other shows from that previous season. I haven’t watched any of the shows of the current season, despite there being a few that certainly seemed interesting to me.

Luckily, the things I’ve been working on have started to clear up. I’ll still need a week or two to finish up what I’m doing, and then I can start focusing on stuff like this again. (Although I still have a decent way to go in Breath of the Wild… so that will also be competing for my time lol.) After that point, I’ll try to start writing new reviews, and make a small stockpile.

It’s not that I’ve lost interest in writing anime reviews, because I honestly think it’s kind of fun to put out my opinions on these shows (even if no one else reads them, that’s fine). I think I’ve not had the easiest time making the transition from reviews being things I wrote on my own schedule to put in a notebook, to reviews being things I post on a set schedule for the world to see, though.

Part of it as well, I think, is the fact that I honestly have become a bit more disinterested in anime over the years. I’ve become pretty aware of its flaws, and anime is pretty quick to tread through the same tropes over and over. I still have a fascination for anime as a medium and I have a middling curiosity in the shows being put out, but I don’t see myself being as excited a fan of it as I was two or three years ago.

I’ll aim to return to this website in late May or early June, with a whole bunch of reviews of a whole bunch of shows. I want to be able to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my first review here (although I probably won’t do anything special this time around), so I don’t want to spend that time being inactive.

Anyway, if anyone’s been curious about where I’ve been, there you go. I apologize for how long I’ve been gone, and I hope I’ll see you again soon in the future!

Jayke (AnimeBird)

P.S. I’ve also been thinking more about a video format for my reviews. If I were to do video reviews, though, they probably won’t be for quite a while (like, years)… assuming I’m still doing this at that point.