Taking a Short Break until May!


Just a little announcement to say that I’m taking a short break from posting until sometime in early May.

Okay, good bye!

Alright, I guess I’ll say something a bit more lol.

Obviously my posting since I’ve returned here has been inconsistent, but given the track record I have with this website, this is hardly surprising. I do have a few reviews in the works, one that’s about 70% done and another a bit under 50% done. These are both older shows that I’ve enjoyed a lot as I’ve gotten into anime, so it’s been fun to revisit them and also think about them a bit more critically. I’ll save sharing my thoughts on these shows now until the actual reviews come out, though! I do want to make sure both of these reviews are the best they can be, and I definitely know they’ll be coming out better than they would’ve had I tried to push them out the door earlier in March.

Obviously, I don’t truly have a schedule here to adhere to, but I want to get better at not simply disappearing off this website whenever I’m taking a break.

With the new anime season just starting this month too, maybe I’ll spend some time looking at some of the new shows? Like one of my earlier first look type posts? No guarantees though. I’m also considering a mini-reviews post where I look at 3 other shows that I don’t want to invest writing a full review on. So yeah, once I come back, ideally I’ll have a decent amount of content!

In addition to wanting extra time to make sure these current reviews come out great, I’ve also been busy with other stuff… although I’m hard-pressed to say what it was I was busy with. Only some vague notion of programming projects, cleaning up around the house, and doing stuff with my spouse/family. Eh, I suppose a balance is good to have in life.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling now. I’ll see you in May!

– Jayke

P.S. I’ve moved to Mastodon as my primary social media platform from now on. You can read the thoughts I’ve made about my recent experiences on Twitter to see why that is, but if you’re looking to read or see more about me (often more about video games or other random things, and not about anime), check out my about me page that lists where you can find me.

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