Hey there!

My name is Jayke. I’m a software developer who loves candy a bit too much, and I watch a lot of anime and play a lot of video games. I wanted a place to just dump my thoughts, and so, here we are. Running this website is more of a hobby for me than anything, so don’t be surprised if I take some time away from it every now and then. I usually try to announce my hiatuses, but sometimes I fail pretty badly at that.

My Twitter for this website is AnimeBirdTweets. My personal Twitter is JaykeBird.

Due to the take-off success of that McDonald’s anime commercial that I translated, I also now offer translation services! If there’s something anime, manga, or Vocaloid related that you want translated from Japanese to English, let me know at my Translations page!

Sorry this isn’t exciting sounding. I wrote this at 6 in the morning.

I hope you’ll stick around to read my reviews, and to see the things I translate!

4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi there! For some reason, I only got this message right now. Thank you for taking the time to find me and my blog, and to mention me in such a cool thing. It stinks that between then and now, I found myself in a small hiatus for a while.

      I’ll make a post sometime soon about this!

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      1. Oh! I don’t know you’re in hiatus. I just look for interesting anime posts & found in your blog, so that’s why I nominated you.

        Thanks for reply, I like how honest in you. I’m looking forward to read your next work, @jaykebird. :3


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