I put out a new review (almost) every Friday, so be sure to come back to check it out, or follow me on Twitter!

Here’s a list of all the reviews I’ve done so far:

5 Centimeters Per Second
A Silent Voice
Assassination Classroom
Attack on Titan
Baka and Test
Beyond the Boundary
The Boy and the Beast
Daily Lives of High School Boys
Deadman Wonderland
Death Parade
The Devil is a Part-Timer
Devilman Crybaby
Flying Witch
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Higurashi When They Cry
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san
Love, Chunibyou and Other Delusions
The Maid I Recently Hired is Mysterious
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
My Hero Academia
Nagi no Asukara (A Lull in the Sea)
New Game!
No Game No Life
No Game No Life Zero
Please Tell Me, Galko-chan!
Pop Team Epic
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Revolutionary Girl Utena
The Secret World of Arrietty
Space Patrol Luluco
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
The Tatami Galaxy
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Root A
Yuri!!! on Ice

Additional Thoughts:

Attack on Titan Season 2
Space Patrol Luluco’s Production Committee
My Experience Watching No Game No Life Zero
The Success of Nichijou

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