Translated Materials

Here’s a list of all the materials I’ve translated so far!

With the YouTube videos, one can never be too certain as to when they’ll stay online. I may try to create mirror locations, but it depends upon if it’s really worth it for me to go through the trouble with the video.

If there’s anything you want me to translate at all, let me know! I prefer written things over audio or video things, but anything’s still okay. There’s the comments section below and you can reach me on Twitter too!

Anyway, here we are:

McDonald’s Anime Commercial
Video Link – This video ended up on the trending page even! What?!
Spanish Video Link – Worked on it with my friend Jerry!

English Subtitles – Special thanks to my friend Nate for helping me!
Lyrics/Romaji Document – Romaji by nmuth, link coming soon!

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