No Anime Review Today!

Hey there!

There won’t be an anime review today. Want to spend the day with personal things, especially since New Year’s is coming up tomorrow, and who knows what will be going on then!

I’ll be back next Tuesday with a wrap-up post of my performance in 2016, and then on Friday will be my next review! It’ll probably be of the show Orange. … Or maybe New Game. … Or maybe something else, I dunno!

Also, I think I’ll be trying to do a Funimation February, where it’s all about Funimation-licensed shows! We’ll see if I actually do decide to do that, but that is on the table!

Anyway, until next time, if you haven’t checked out the new translation video I did, take a look! It’s REOL’s latest song, RE:, with English subtitles.

Otherwise, have a happy new year!

Jayke (AnimeBird)

P.S. That image above is from Orange, episode 9. Look at those faces!

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